Elimination of eyeglasses

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Elimination of eyeglasses

Elimination of eyeglasses and contact lenses or refraction error treatment

Laser treatment

Correction of myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia can be achieved with the aid of excimer laser through the LASEK technique (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) under the following conditions:

  1. Myopia should be smaller than -7-8D and the patient must be over the age of 18. It is very important that the myopia is stabilized. If myopia is associated to astigmatism, its value should not be greater than 4D depending on the associated myopia. For example, a myopia associated with astigmatism of 4D, cannot be treated by laser if the myopia is greater than -2D. The opportunity of laser correction is determined case by case depending on the depth of the cornea, on the corneal topography, and last but not least, on the expertise of the ophthalmologist performing the treatment.
  2. Myopic astigmatism should be less than 5D if not associated with myopia.
  3. Hypermetropia may be corrected by laser after the age of 40 when farseeing dioptres have stabilized. A 45 years old patient who has +1.50D for farseeing and +2.50D for reading will not be required to wear eyeglasses after laser correction. Reading glasses will have a +1.00D value.
  4. Mixed astigmatism correctable by laser must not exceed +3.50D.
  5. Hypermetropic astigmatism may be corrected if its value is less than +2.50D. .

Refractive implants

What happens if the myopia is higher than -7-8D or if the values are less but the patient’s cornea is to thin for laser treatment to be performed?

Due to progress in the field of refractive surgery, we now have refractive implants that are fixated on the iris in line with the eye ball through a surgery that lasts 10 minutes. Patients who have had -15D were amazed the next day when their farseeing capacity was improved without eyeglasses.

The consult before laser correction

What must you do to eliminate eyeglasses or contact lenses with the help of laser treatment?

You must know that a preliminary ophthalmology consult is required. First, your visual acuity with and without eyeglasses or contact lenses will be measured. Then, an autorefractor test supplying data about your myopia and/or astigmatism will be performed. Base on these results, an extremely precise optical correction is calculated. The eye’s anterior pole is examined with the bio-microscopy device in order to detect possible diseases of the eye that might impede this treatment. After an eye bottom analysis, a computerized corneal topography and an ultrasonic pachymetry are performed (as the case may be) followed by an explanation about all matters and issues related to this treatment.

Laser correction through the LASEK technique and the period after treatment

What happens with visual acuity after the performance of LASEK technique laser correction? How will we see? For how long do we have to miss work? How will we drive?

Laser correction through this technique is a superficial laser treatment and this is why there are no risks of vision loss. This treatment last about 5 minutes per eye (both eye are treated during the same session) and is performed with local anesthesia with eye drops. The drawing below illustrates he simplicity of laser treatment:

  1. a few drops of 20% alcohol are poured in a cylinder;
  2. the cornea’s epithelial layer is raised (this regenerates in about 7 days);
  3. laser treatment is performed for about 2—40 seconds;
  4. the corneal epithelium is repositioned.

In the end you will not have any bandages but therapeutic contact lenses which you will wear for 4 days without removing them.

At about half an hour after the procedure, your visions will be slightly blurry, your eyes will tear abundantly and light will bother you. Some persons will feel an eye discomfort for 3 to 4 hours. You will show up for consults the second and fifth day. The contact lenses will be removed on the fifth day. After 2 more days, your reading vision will be sufficiently contoured that you may go back to work. Farseeing will reach 70% of the maximum capacity in 7 to 10 days since laser correction.

This means that after 7 to 10 days you will be able do drive without eyeglasses! Farseeing will increase to maximum capacity in no more than 3-4 weeks. After laser correction you will use artificial tears so as to favor healing of the treated area and improve your vision as quickly as possible.

The elimination of myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism by laser through the LASEK technique is not surgery but a laser treatment! This procedure does not pose any vision loss or vision deterioration risks!

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